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February 28, 2020

Ohm Proton Rotary Forged® Tesla Wheels

Ohm Wheels Introduces the Proton Rotary Forged® Wheel for Tesla Vehicles.

February 28, 2020

Ohm Proton Rotary Forged Tesla Wheels Rims

OHM Wheels introduces a new line of rotary forged wheels specifically designed and engineered for the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X SUV and Tesla Model Y. The OHM Proton Rotary Forged wheels are available in 18 inch to 22 inch Tesla specific fitments. One of the only rotary forged Tesla wheels on the market with specific wheel sizes and offsets that allow the option to retain your factory Tesla tire diameter or move up in size, whether you are looking for Model 3 wheels, Model S wheels, Model X wheels or Model Y wheels.

The OHM Rotary Forged Tesla wheels have been inspired by the iconic Tesla turbine style wheels, but with a more distinct wheel concavity profile and complex spoke design. The directional, straight spoked OHM Proton wheels are available in Gloss Black and Silver with a mirror polished face. The individual spokes feature directional accent details that are distinguishable more defined than the factory Tesla rims. The OHM Proton Tesla rim is an original wheel design that will unmistakably improve the stance on all Tesla models, regardless if you are looking for Model S wheels, Model 3 wheels, or Model X wheels.

Ohm Rotary Forged Tesla Model S Wheels Rims

The OHM Proton Tesla wheels are compatible with all Tesla trim options, including the upgraded performance brakes found on the Tesla Model 3 Performance, Model S Performance and Model X Performance. Ensuring all rotary forged Tesla rims are a direct replacement solution, all OHM Tesla wheels are always fully compatible with the OE Tesla center caps, wheel bolts and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors. OHM Proton Tesla wheels are hub-centric specific to Tesla vehicles, eliminating the need for additional components such as hub-centric rings or additional spacers.

The OHM Proton Tesla rims are engineered with zero compromises and designed from ground up, specifically focusing on the design language instilled in all Tesla cars. All OHM Rotary Forged wheels begin with a blank slate by the in-house design team, never repurposing an existing wheel design - a practice often seen for aftermarket Tesla rims on the market. OHM Wheels uses a highly advanced production technique known as Rotary Forging, a process that increases the wheel strength in addition to reducing the rotational weight of the wheel to enhance the overall dynamic vehicle performance.